274/365 – Meditation Games #274 – Bridging The Gap

Developer: LOWPOLIS

Launcher Quote: “We’re crossing this railroad bridge today.

But first, download to play.”

Part of why I continue to appreciate the various entries I’m seeing in the Meditation Games project is the fact that there’s a lot being done with presentation that appears to be simplistic in nature, whether that is through mechanics or through visuals. This particular entry, one that essentially outlines crossing over a railway bridge, is one of the latter, because of the fact that its simple lines and sketch-like presentation depict a simple and interesting idea of bridging a gap.

Playing this out in the brief time that it took to finish it, I got to thinking about the idea that bridges on their own appear to be underappreciated in today’s modern, take-a-lot-for-granted society. The idea of a bridge, of being able to construct something that connects two things together, is in and of itself an interesting achievement, and being able to walk across that bridge, give it some foot traffic, and validate its existence is both a historical and metaphorical victory. It’s a historical one just by virtue of the fact that it’s one of humankind’s best achievements and a well-constructed bridge tends to showcase innovation and progress, and it’s a metaphorical one due to the idea that crossing a bridge means crossing over an obstacle, a gap, a thing that normally would serve as an impasse.

It’s possible that this game was just created to show crossing a bridge with no greater meaning behind it, and that’s fine. The point, it seems, is to be able to reflect on the experience of doing so at minimum, which is certainly in line with how the project has presented itself to others. Whether literal, historical, or metaphorical, there are multiple ways of seeing what crossing a bridge in a game does for you, makes you think, or otherwise causes you to reflect on the meaning, no matter how simple or complex – much like bridges in general.

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