366/365 – Epilogue – Meditation Games 2019

When I stated that I’d start the year nearly 365 days ago with a promise to blog about every game in the Rami Ismail-led, 350+ developer initiative that was the Meditation Games project, I had some idea of how it might go, but no clue as to how playing 365 or so little bite-sized games was going to turn out. I didn’t really know if I could keep up with a unique project that only made the games available for at most a day, or, as I can confess more readily now, if I could even accomplish doing it, especially with a self-imposed restriction of spending no more time on a post than the games experiences I was writing about (5-6 minutes). But here, at the end of the year, I am proud to say that I was able to do so, and I’m glad I decided to do it, because I learned so much more about games, about writing, and about my own style of thinking and communicating. 

365/365 – Meditation Games #365 – Old Reflections, New Year

As a New Year approaches, most people enter a reflective state in which they take a look back at the year in question, try to figure out where they were in relation to where they are, and move forward from there. It’s a practice that is as old as perhaps any one of us remembers, and is our window to new things happening with a new year approaching. But there are some that look back even further than a year, looking at the year almost-spent as an overall next step in the progression of longer term goals, and when that progression is the result of refocusing or changing oneself, it becomes even more important to do so – and that’s what impression I got when I was taking a look at this last entry in the Meditation Games project.