361/365 – Meditation Games #361 – Duck Pond

Developer Credits: Forest San Filippo, Aaron San Flilippo

Launcher Quote: “This game is dedicated to our mother Bonnie.
She loved to be in nature, and to feed the ducks in the pond behind her house.

December 27th was her birthday.”

When you lose someone you love, it sometimes isn’t the big, grand gestures or big life events that often pop to the top in your memory (although those are certainly important in any kind of eulogizing or remembrance). There are often the small, seemingly trivial and normal things that seem to take on a sense of significance and identity, that become an indelible mark of what was left as far as a person’s impact. In this case, it’s the simple act of feeding ducks in a pond, and watching them get the food that you’re providing them.

On its own, this doesn’t seem to be a hugely significant act, but it seemed that for the developers, their mother found this a core part of who she was, loving nature, taking part in it by contributing to its cycle, and relaxing through a simple act of kindness towards animals. You never run out of food to feed, and the ducks never tire of eagerly taking the opportunity to eat what you’re offering. There’s no big overarching message, nor any knowledge of what consequences happen as the result of feeding the ducks – the activity just is, and in its straightforward, relaxing presentation seems to mean to convey the simple kindness that the developers’ mother embodied when she was alive.  Sometimes, that’s all you need to communicate how loved they were.

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