359/365 – Meditation Games #359 – And To All A Good Night

Developer: Alisa Bricker

Launcher Quote: “After Christmas day festivities, the rooms are always a jumbled mess. I love the cleaning at the end of the night, because each little mess is a reminder of the time shared with others- even if it was just the two of us. If you were to look in my window on Christmas night, this is what you would see.”

A lot of times when you see games or events or media that surround Christmas, it’s all about the actual moment of Christmas arriving – whether that is Santa Claus arriving with gifts, of children enjoying gifts being opened and things being given to them, of the family sitting around on Christmas Day enjoying one another’s company while appreciating what they have, and other such heartwarming moments. Rarely is the aftermath the focus of such an event, but that’s exactly what the developer did with this Christmas entry, and the result is a refreshing and realistic insight into Christmas Day.

Much of the busywork in this particular game might be exactly that – routine things that need to be done that don’t seem to have much of an influence or significance to the event itself. But the thing of it is, the before and the after is as much of a part of Christmas as the during. You have to pick up all the things that got set out, do some cleaning, put away decorations and store items until next year, and do a lot of other things that aren’t really “sexy” material for advertisements and other marketing, but which nevertheless are a part of what the holiday is about. I know that after Christmas, after I’ve been in baking and gifting overdrive, that taking the time to move everything off so that it’s back to where it was before is almost as much of a part of the holiday as it is experiencing it. Most years, I’ve had a sense of satisfaction, much like I did when finishing this game up, of having to put things back the way that they were, and even though it’s not the biggest, brag-worthy accomplishment, it’s still one that just about every family or individual goes through after the holiday in question. If anything else, it serves as a reminder that such things need to be done, and that they might provide some kind of welcome distraction from the hubbub of the holiday season.

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