358/365 – Meditation Games #358 – First Kiss

Developer: Sandy Gordon

Launcher Quote: “Downstairs” reflects how my first kiss with my now wife happened.

Patience is required and everything needs to be just right.”

When trying to communicate unique experiences such as firsts, it’s not uncommon in my experience for developers to draw on their own personal experiences to do so. Oftentimes the challenge in depicting these sorts of firsts is the fact that you need to evoke the sense of wonder, freshness, and newness that accompanies such a beginning that makes it not contrived and at the same time accurately portrays what that first feels like or looks like. And there’s definitely an exponential increase in difficulty when it comes to firsts of a romantic nature, such as first kisses.

In this case, the right tack seems to be to provide the whole context of how it happened, and to be able to communicate that context such that it conveys the significance of the moment in question. There’s a kind of emotional significance to a first kiss, one in which a border is tentatively touched, then crossed as the kiss is felt to be mutual. There’s also a kind of wave of feelings that coalesce into a moment like that. I know that for all of those people out there who want to say that a first kiss doesn’t always lead to a long term relationship, they might want to kind of downplay the significance of a first like this one, but I think in the moment, it’s not important how things might turn out or how things do, even if the outcome is ultimately a negative one. The important part is what is evoked by that first experience, and in this case, the kind of sweetness you see here is the most important thing to convey. Mission accomplished, I’d say.


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