341/365 – Meditation Games #341 – Jack-eloping Vignette

Developer: Lex Rhodes

Launcher Quote: “?????

My voice might squeak and my cheeks might blush

like the coy-otes howl and the sky does flush,

but I’ve got these arms that fit ’round your shoulders

and I’ll keep you toasty warm as the winds blow colder.

Oh the sweetest little birdy I ever done see,

won’t you jack-elope with me? ?????”

One of the reasons why I continue to like playing games, even though I’ve been at it for years now, is the fact that some of the best games have interconnected things baked into them, whether that is through narrative, through player choice or action, or as a means of continuity between games in a series. To have a way of trying to see that the things you do in one place or in one game might have an effect later is one of the joys I get out of playing them, because it means what I do has not only advancement but agency.

The vignette I saw here, which was a brief presentation of interactive images that can affect one another if you click the right combinations, is a microcosm of that kind of intuitive design that I think more games could stand to have. Clicking or doing something in one of the items in the vignette and seeing it pop up in another item in some form is at its core the way that games become more compelling, connecting not only the individual items but the game as a whole. It’s also part of how games that play around with combinations of actions tend to present a different kind of effect depending on what you do. The fact that I was able to do something in one item and see it show up in another as I took action on it was just a bonus. It’s a kind of thing that I think should be more in-your-face than it is in games as a whole (the last one I can think of that really did it was Dishonored, where consequences you took on individual choices to kill, not kill, or otherwise progress showed themselves in the immediate future), but it was, nevertheless, nice to see it here, boiled down to its essence.

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