317/365 – Meditation Games #317 – Cleaning Therapy

I’ve been told before that I’m a bit of a neatfreak and organizer-obsessor. I try to have everything in the place that I expect it to be, and I also have a sense that I should know what projects I’m working on at all times and know what the next steps are to finish said projects. It’s entirely possible I’m looking at the to-do list for this particular project of writing on every Meditation Games entry, for example, so I’m totally on board and admit that I can be that way sometimes. But the reason I do have this level of organization and cleanliness is not just because I desire everything to be organized, but that it’s a bit therapeutic to do so, which is part of the point of this particular entry.

316/365 – Meditation Games #316 – Self-Destructive Love

We’ve sometimes seen a a theme in some games of the Meditation Games project where self-destructive behavior and its perils are pretty clearly laid out and shown to us in game form. The idea that we can destroy ourselves simply by behaving in a way that we think at the time might be in our best interest (or at the very least, removes some of the issues preventing us from coping with not being at our best) is a cautionary tale in quite a few of the games from this year. But I hadn’t seen something so inextricably tied to actual game mechanics until this entry.

314/365 – Meditation Games #314 – Around The World In 72 Days

A global record-breaking journey is one of those things that you would think only happens in cinema, in a movie theater where someone’s cooked up this wild concept of a race around the world and a thought toward breaking a record that has stood the test of time. But like anything with history, there are gems and ideas just waiting to be found that are actually reality – and those that are a testament to humankind’s ability to break out of its seeming limitations and achieve great things.

313/365 – Meditation Games #313 – Baking Generosity

For a few years now, I’ve taken up a baking hobby, and one of the reasons for this is because of the fact that it’s by its very nature, a giving hobby. I kinda think that most people don’t tend to bake for themselves (though if your thing is baking and devouring a whole tin of cookies for yourself, then more power to you). The idea is to give the goods to others and have them enjoy the fruits of your labor, and perhaps have the side benefit of tempting people into breaking diets and calorie limits with tasty treats.

310/365 – Meditation Games #310 – Exception-al Romance

One of the things that I think is important to realize as we grow up and mature is the fact that our circumstances growing up are not always the same circumstances as someone else who you might think is going through the same things as you. While the life events that you can generally attribute to everyone are somewhat similar, there’s always a sense of context that you tend to not realize until you’ve gotten older and had a chance to compare experiences with other people. One of these becomes starkly apparent in our modern culture as it relates to romance.