330/365 – Meditation Games #330 – Friend Support Structure

Developer: elGabe

Launcher Quote: I’ve always considered myself as friendly dude who kinda knows everybody. This is seems great, but it makes it easy to have a long list of accointances and no deeper personal connection with them.

This year, it became clear to me that some of my friends were more than just people I could hang out with. They are a family to me.

The people I chose to put in this game are the ones I want to make happier every day. And when I feel down, they pick me up and stay there for me. This feeling might be all too obvious for many, but it took me one of the worst moments of my life to find that I could rely on someone else. Since then, I have a new appreciation for the people I surround myself, and with that, an immense amount of respect and love for them.

Love yourself. Love your friends.


(A special thank you to Flyover Games, who have generously allowed me to use their screenshots, this one included, after I lost a few from my computer – go support them at the WaveCrash! website!)

While it’s true that people can cultivate friendships however they wish to do so, there is a certain sense of consistency to knowing that the right friend support structure can help carry you through a number of difficulties both mental and physical. Quite a few people tend to underestimate or sometimes even ignore the power of such a set of trustworthy people, preferring instead to try to fix problems on their own, or worse yet, not tell people they exist at all. It’s a practice that therapists and others who know a bit better about the importance of friends have tried to dissuade.

Today’s entry didn’t last very long as far as the gameplay goes, but it really didn’t have to, given the powerful message that it delivers. You walk around lighting up each friend who is standing still, coloring them in to denote their significance, and then, when you’re actually finished and you end up being cold yourself in the constant snow that’s falling, the people you’ve come to value as your friends come to together and serve as a barrier of caring and support against the cold of the trials and tribulations of life. There’s no need for things to last long beyond that from a gameplay perspective, as the message is obvious – don’t undervalue your friends or forget that they’re there, as a true set of friends will help support you through the most difficult times in however ways they can.

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