329/365 – Meditation Games #329 – Melody Patterns

Developer: Tim Stoddard

Launcher Quote: “On this day in 2018, lights shining above the streets and markets were lit up for the first time in town outside my home for the winter and festivities arriving. The lights shine, music plays, and in the cold darkness it guides towards a warm glow.”

(A special thank you to Flyover Games, who have generously allowed me to use their screenshots, this one included, after I lost a few from my computer – go support them at the WaveCrash! website!)

I might have a leg up on this particular Meditation Games entry, as I’ve had whenever I’ve tried to play a musical-type game, because of my previous musical experience. The goal at first, is seemingly just to make musical tones, but as you play more of this game, you get to identify patterns and sequences that you trigger in order to reach the end of the game. Since much of music has patterns that you can pick up on when you have the ear for it, this is something that I found particularly enjoyable just because of how you end up trying to get to an understanding about it.

But that doesn’t mean that the game itself isn’t something where you might not be able to make patterns of your own that make sense to you, if not necessarily matching up with the game’s goals. In a certain sense, this is sort of the heart of music when it comes to creation – artists tend to experiment, try different tones and changes, create different notes for themselves, and eventually put something together that comes off as a pattern or melody that sounds good based on their musical experience. It’s a lot of trial and error, and int he sense that this game is at first thought of to just be an experimentation game rather than one with a deliberate way to win it, it’s successful. It’s this kind of branching opportunity for gameplay which is pretty much why a lot of these games in the series are appealing – there’s more than one way to interpret and experience them due to the vague sense of direction they give you.

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