328/365 – Meditation Games #328 – Trip Fulfillment

Developer: lovely rev

Launcher Quote: “Haere pai atu, hoki pai mai”

(A special thank you to Flyover Games, who have generously allowed me to use their screenshots, this one included, after I lost a few from my computer – go support them at the WaveCrash! website!)

Oftentimes when we go on a trip, the fact that we might learn something on it is a bit secondary to, well, traveling and going someplace that we want to go to. There’s a sense of trying to make sure that you enjoy the trip that you go on (if it’s not a business one), and that it’s one that you are primarily experiencing in order to relax and enjoy not just the journey but also the destination. Perhaps that might be why the imagery in this particular Meditation Games entry is very bright and seemingly happy – after all, if you’re going on a fun trip, why wouldn’t you be looking forward to it?

But perhaps this entry, which includes a quote that Flyover Games says is a Maori phrase meaning “go better, come back better”, points to something else that we might want to experience on the trip that we go on. We might want to not just enjoy the trip but to maybe learn a little something and grow as a person while on it. I’m not necessarily talking about the stuff of movies, where the person that goes on a trip and has experiences in conjunction with a set of companions comes out different/better as a result, but something that enriches you as a person. It can be as something as small as learning something trivial that you didn’t know before, or something as significant as an event that actually does change your outlook on things. But the idea is that you’re bettering yourself as a person when you go on a trip, that it isn’t a passive experience but an active one.

If anything else, the people that you inevitably will be interacting with on the trip will nevertheless be part of how you remember it, so there are definitely opportunities to “come back better”, as the quote says. Regardless of how you get there, as long as the trip is fulfilling then it will make you better, even if that means that you just simply reset yourself mentally.


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