318/365 – Meditation Games #318 – Hangout Heaven

Developer: Sam Ballard

Launcher Quote: “You haven’t seen them since they moved into their new place, you’re so excited. There’s so much to catch up on, so many things to do together. You don’t mind what you’re doing, you’re just happy for them and happy to spend time together. The day ends up going by so quickly, it gets dark outside, you get sleepy, i guess it’s time to call it a night.”

The value of just hanging out with friends is something that I think is sometimes understated. Don’t get me wrong – I think people do understand that some of their best memories are the ones that seem like they wouldn’t really be memorable, since they’re a bunch of common activities spent with others that aren’t particularly special. Rather, I think that the little moments, the days spent doing those seemingly normal things, are the ones that collectively count, and end up being the things that as a whole, you end up finding significant as far as friendships go.

The stuff you do in this game is done with the goal of making sure you spend the whole day in the game doing the things that fill up the pluses at the bottom to mark that you did them. In this sense, you’re wandering from room to room and activity to activity, doing things like playing games, listening to music, making something to eat, and even going to the bathroom. It’s a bit Sims like in this sense, in that you’re actively controlling an avatar through a bunch of simulated activities. But like the Sims, it’s satisfying because you’re seeing something play out, observing a good result from the minor direction that you’re giving to the character on the screen.

On the real life level, however, it’s satisfying because of the simplicity of friendship that this day in the game depicts – a friend that you haven’t seen since they moved, that you wanted to talk to them about, and that you wanted to do. It’s that sense of shared experience and camaraderie that is the core of many friendships, and its the small moments of being in each other’s company that build on a foundation of trust and companionship. I have friendships like this in my life, and I’m lucky to have them and be reminded of them.


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