333/365 – Meditation Games #333 – Shouganai

Enduring through difficulty is one of the traits about the human experience that is seen to be admirable or at the very least, sympathetic as far as being able to keep going is concerned. Nobody ever makes it through life without a few trials and tribulations, and when they happen in spades, when things happen to pour as hard as they rain, when life just keeps trying to kick you in the butt, the ability to get back up, take the hits, and keep going is something that people tend to view as a positive, which the developer here couches in the context of the Japanese mentality of continuing on as if nothing had happened, even in the face of something like a natural disaster.

331/365 – Meditation Games #331 – Growing Things

Creation is one of the best parts of playing games, and there are many ways that that creation can take shape. For some games, it can be direct and obvious, as it is with the farming games that the developer says are the most satisfying for them. You’re raising something from nothing, and watching the results of that play out, a formula that has been responsible for many of the most well-known and successful games out there. But creation in games can take a variety of forms, and depending on the genre, can be a bit less straightforward. In JRPGs your goal is to build up your characters and watch them grow both physically and mentally so that they are able to succeed. In adventure games you’re building up an arsenal that eventually makes you a versatile badass and able to take on a ton of enemies. You get the idea.

330/365 – Meditation Games #330 – Friend Support Structure

While it’s true that people can cultivate friendships however they wish to do so, there is a certain sense of consistency to knowing that the right friend support structure can help carry you through a number of difficulties both mental and physical. Quite a few people tend to underestimate or sometimes even ignore the power of such a set of trustworthy people, preferring instead to try to fix problems on their own, or worse yet, not tell people they exist at all. It’s a practice that therapists and others who know a bit better about the importance of friends have tried to dissuade.

329/365 – Meditation Games #329 – Melody Patterns

I might have a leg up on this particular Meditation Games entry, as I’ve had whenever I’ve tried to play a musical-type game, because of my previous musical experience. The goal at first, is seemingly just to make musical tones, but as you play more of this game, you get to identify patterns and sequences that you trigger in order to reach the end of the game. Since much of music has patterns that you can pick up on when you have the ear for it, this is something that I found particularly enjoyable just because of how you end up trying to get to an understanding about it.

328/365 – Meditation Games #328 – Trip Fulfillment

Oftentimes when we go on a trip, the fact that we might learn something on it is a bit secondary to, well, traveling and going someplace that we want to go to. There’s a sense of trying to make sure that you enjoy the trip that you go on (if it’s not a business one), and that it’s one that you are primarily experiencing in order to relax and enjoy not just the journey but also the destination. Perhaps that might be why the imagery in this particular Meditation Games entry is very bright and seemingly happy – after all, if you’re going on a fun trip, why wouldn’t you be looking forward to it?

327/365 – Meditation Games #327 – ASCII Walk

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for ASCII in my travels around the internet, even though it’s sort of a simple way of presenting things. It’s not going to win any awards for graphical presentation or wow you with its fine tuned resolution where you can see a ton of detail, but what ASCII will do is show you how much it can do with so little or with such limited resources. The fact of the matter is that even though I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to ASCII presentation, there’s always someone out there who will do something surprising with it that I never thought would have been possible, and making a Meditation Games entry out of one is definitely up there.

320/365 – Meditation Games #320 – Family Prayer Time

One of the best parts of writing about and playing the Meditation Games project entries is the amount of insight, even if it’s just a glimpse, of different cultures and customs, of religions and beliefs different from my own, and of things that might seem like rote and simple to do but which are a challenge for those not familiar with them. Religious customs, such as simple prayer, definitely fall into this category, which is why the developer’s focus on the Namaz morning prayer was one which I found very insightful.

319/365 – Meditation Games #319 – Pasta Party

The developer for this particular entry is being a bit self-effacing when they talk about something that isn’t that significant with regards to having participated in a lunch where pasta was served, and on some level I get that. Pasta isn’t exactly the most exciting or important topic of the day and on its own doesn’t seem to have any particular importance in our daily lives. But Meditation Games entries have never made themselves all have to be about something big and sweeping, or profound and insightful. Sometimes the simple things are the things that make games games, and a pasta party definitely still meets the bar here. 

318/365 – Meditation Games #318 – Hangout Heaven

The value of just hanging out with friends is something that I think is sometimes understated. Don’t get me wrong – I think people do understand that some of their best memories are the ones that seem like they wouldn’t really be memorable, since they’re a bunch of common activities spent with others that aren’t particularly special. Rather, I think that the little moments, the days spent doing those seemingly normal things, are the ones that collectively count, and end up being the things that as a whole, you end up finding significant as far as friendships go.