308/365 – Meditation Games #308 – Feline Fate

Developer: Kai Clavier

Launcher Quote: “New year, new me.”

Re-inventing yourself in the course of your life is something that happens from an early age. If you don’t believe me, take a look through your old photos when you were young, then watch your progression as you not only grow naturally, but look and seem to act differently with what you have. You may change hairstyles, fashion, color preferences, or hobbies. You may appear differently as a result, and in the various stages of your life, you may make decisions that influence changes in you and set of a chain reaction of identity change.

“New year, new me” is the developer’s way of sort of identifying at least one of the things that grants agency to this change in the sense of a starting point being the new year. But that’s not always the only thing that triggers the sort of decision-making pattern that you get put through with the cat in the story. Sometimes it can be an experience or an event, or an influential person. Sometimes it can be a change of scenery or a drifting towards a specific social group. Other times it can be something completely random. The important part is that you can be presented with these choices and they may not seem significant at the time, but collectively they create the “new you”.

The nice thing about this game is that not only does it send that message but also implies the sense of diversity that we possess when these choices are presented to us. There are a number of combinations that could have been used, but generally it’s possible that someone doing these choices next to you probably wouldn’t come up with the same feline result. Such as it is with the decisions and choices that we humans make when we are reinventing ourselves and changing. There are a myriad of different paths open to us on a variety of levels both mundane and significant, but the important thing to remember is that the collectively make us, in all likelihood, unique in our re-invention.


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