300/365 – Meditation Games #300 – Self-Care Gas Tank

Developer: Jamie Rollo

There’s an old saying about being able to help others, which is one that I’ve struggled personally with sticking to, and that’s “put on your own oxygen mask/fill your own gas tank before helping others do the same”. It’s an adage that originates a bit in part from flight safety procedure, and the point is that you’re not going to be able to help with other people unless you’re operating at 100%.

The game operates on this kind of principle in an interesting and intriguing way. You’re on a quest to collect energy and help others around you, but there’s a twist – collecting the energy/gas eventually drains out of you, making you need to patch yourself up before you can in all likelihood repeat the cycle of helping others. Oftentimes, those of us who are hellbent on helping others can tend to forget to take care of ourselves in the process, and unlike the game, don’t really notice the leaks forming that drain out the energy that we so desperately seek to give to others who need it.

If anything, the game really highlights the importance of making sure that you give yourself a break. The types of people who tend towards helping others before themselves,myself included, forget about the mental and physical cost of being exposed to so much pain that has to be patched up, healed, or otherwise helped in some way. It can creep up on us that the tank is empty and we need to fill ourselves back up, and this game is a reminder that we need to create our own cues for detecting and rectifying that, lest we become as bad off as the people we’re trying to help – something that ultimately helps no one.

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