298/365 – Meditation Games #298 – Best Friends On A Bus

Developer Credits: Justin Capcap, Keana Almario

Launcher Quote: “We met while seated randomly on a bus, and ended up becoming best friends by the end of the day. No matter what we talked about, it always ended the same way. We hope you can find your best friend too.”

Meeting someone who you become close to, or even best friends with, as the developers in this entry show you, can sometimes be a matter of random consequence, something as trivial as being put on a bus next to one another, in the same class, or a chance meeting at a place neither of you planned to be at. Like romance, but in an entirely different and platonic context, it can sometimes feel a little like destiny in retrospect, but it doesn’t make the memory of meeting any less significant.

This entry has the two developers happening to meet on a bus, exchanging interests and generally discovering how much they had in common. The ability to become friends in such a setting is unlikely in and of itself, as random strangers on a bus aren’t typically people that you connect with, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. I’ve met some of my closest friends in places I wouldn’t normally, be it in a random staff meeting, in an elevator ride, or in a more common setting that has come up in prominence in the last 19 years, the internet. Online has been the arena of many of the beginnings of friendship, and I’ve found that the friendships I’ve forged there are just as significant and strong as those that I happen to have created locally.

It’s a healthy reminder, I think, that friendships are built in part on common ground, but that they can happen just about anywhere. All it takes is people who are comfortable with and respect one another, and who seem to click in a way that isn’t present with associates or with people you deal with strictly professionally. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and as was displayed in this entry, can happen even when you least expect it.


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