291/365 – Meditation Games #291 – Airport Agony

Developer: Sam Machell

Launcher Quote: “Beneath still plastic leaves and looping forest ambience, I sat, ass chafing on the gritty seat.

The airport is a clone so it does not matter where it was located. I was there for six hours, making a connection.

My book smells like transience. My coffee tastes like purgatory. I can’t really remember it now – the time is lost.”

I was recently watching a show where you had the typical scene where the heroes are captured and their tormentor is standing over them, trying to decide their punishment. After some consideration, he does the unexpected thing, and informs the heroes that he’s going to do absolutely nothing – that he’s going to force them to wait and let the time pass, and let human nature run its course. It didn’t seem like a real torturous thing to do at the time, but as the time passed, it got to be excruciating to watch.

In life, there are a few instances where we’re forced to wait for something for an extended amount of time, and one of the most common is waiting at an airport for a flight that has been deferred, delayed or worse yet, cancelled. The developer for this entry showed exactly what happens during this situation, and did so with such what was really only two images swapping back and forth – the time on a clock, and the airport waiting area itself, which seemed to only slightly change between scene switches. As the pace became more frenetic and chaotic, you could kind of feel the sort of mental torture and difficulty the eveloper was going through just trying to pass the time waiting. Books, drinks, and scenery – nothing seemed to prevent this from happening, and the swaps between the two scenes seemed to reflect the constant glacing at the clock, a sort of agony in and of itself trying to will the time forward to when the flight was going to finally be able to be boarded.

The thing with this project through this entire year is that it’s taken simple experiences and emotions and turned them into bite-sized games that elicit those feelings with very little. That was definitely the case here – if for anything else, for giving me some not so great flashbacks about my own experiences with airport delays.

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