295/365 – Meditation Games #295 – Untrained Musical Experiences

Playing music and thus being trained in reading it has always been one of the best and most formative experiences I’ve had in my life, and part of it may be because of something that I think the developer who made today’s game realized – that it’s an experience where you’re creating something for the enjoyment of others through a specific sense that you have – in this case, hearing. There’s a kind of joy in discovering a medium which has its own way of communicating and its own language, of which musical notes and compositions from a certain standpoint are.

294/365 – Meditation Games #294 – Marshmallow Cozy

Being outdoors or camping has never really been my thing, and it’s partially for the reasons that the developer lists are good and exciting things about doing so. The elements, the cold, the difficulty at predicting the weather – these are all things that I don’t typically find appealing about being in the great outdoors. With the fact that we’ve gotten conveniences and technology that make it unnecessary to do so, it only really increases my discomfort at doing any kind of roughing it. But that doesn’t mean that what was presented in today’s entry isn’t fun or nice. Most everyone, including me, enjoys the experience of being in front of a natural campfire and roasting marshmallows, as well as being with friends doing so, and it’s that sense of coziness that the developer wants to depict with this entry.

293/365 – Meditations Games #293 – Swimming Past Loss

Loss is something that can be seemingly difficult to work through, and there are many ways to show that. When losing something precious, part of the experience is not just going through that loss, but how you ultimately try to work past that loss and hopefully break through to the other side. Games have tried on a lot of levels to be able to depict the emotional impact and the way that characters can ultimately work through something like loss – sometimes in literal ways. But the way that I’ve felt that has the best method of doing that is through symbolism, through figurative presentation, and through metaphor.

292/365 – Meditation Games #292 – Helpless At The Hospital

One of the worst things that you can do to someone is take away their agency to do something, to make choices and perform actions that change or fix the fate of one’s own situation. If you are helpless, unable to do anything but watch as something unfolds in front of them, it’s sometimes worse than having the choice to do something bad, because at the very least, you’d be able to do something, anything, to try to change things. Add to that a situation where someone you care about and love is in peril and it gets exponentially worse.

291/365 – Meditation Games #291 – Airport Agony

I was recently watching a show where you had the typical scene where the heroes are captured and their tormentor is standing over them, trying to decide their punishment. After some consideration, he does the unexpected thing, and informs the heroes that he’s going to do absolutely nothing – that he’s going to force them to wait and let the time pass, and let human nature run its course. It didn’t seem like a real torturous thing to do at the time, but as the time passed, it got to be excruciating to watch.