277/365 – Meditation Games #277 – Musical Boxes

Developer: Rob van Saaze

Launcher Quote: “An interactive experience by Rob van Saaze”

One thing that I think was part of the reason I got into band in high school and garnered an appreciation for music is that it felt like to me, that with music, you were making an impact, just by something completely auditory. Whether it was eliciting feelings that moved me, motivated me, or made me think, the consequence of hearing music has always, for me been as palpable as reaching out and touching something, affecting it in some way, which is why this game is so interesting to me.

I’ve seen a few of these games that use music and sound to present something to players, but this one was the first that I can recall that presented a kind of puzzle to the player. You had to try to align the boxes but had to do so by means of untangling and moving the parts of that box around by following the audio cues doing so. It was a bit of an audio version of a Rubik’s cube, a toy that got me endless joy in my younger years (and obviously kept me out of trouble I’d have otherwise gotten into as a kid). This made it pretty satisfying to get everything just right, although just like the Rubik’s cube, it was perhaps almost as satisfying to give it another try and see if I could top my time to get everything perfect.

Music isn’t always perfect either, especially when trying to make it or create it. You end up with a lot of stops and starts and end up tossing a few things out. But when it all comes together, and you play that full track back, there’s a sense of satisfaction that I think is rarely duplicated as far as something that can affect you profoundly through one of your senses. It’s probably why the music I listen to is eclectic but also not necessarily restricted to a single genre or language – the auditory satisfaction of something someone created is probably to me just as good as listening to it as a whole.

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