286/365 – Meditation Games #286 – Sphere Bodyguard

I used to not like the game modes that kept going into perpetuity, like Horde or Survival. This was mostly because of the fact that no matter what I did to protect myself or the objective, that eventually, something would get through, forcing me to take a look at the game, see what I did wrong, and then try to last a little longer. The prospect of just lasting, rather than doing everything I can to actually win the game, was at odds with the idea that games are supposed to have a way to beat them, that there is a way for the player to actually succeed at it, rather than just dying to protect your goal.

284/365 – Meditation Games #284 – Skydive Risk

I’ll probably never really do a skydive ever. I played with the idea a bit when I was younger, but even with all the precautions that are taken with first time sky divers, like jumping with someone, ensuring that there’s adequate safety gear, and a rigorous testing of all equipment necessary for you not to splat on the ground unceremoniously, I just think I can’t do it. The stress, anxiety, and the difficulty of finding a justification besides saying I did it is too much, and that’s something I felt in a palpable way with this entry. 

283/365 – Meditation Games #283 – Folding Goals

For a hot minute back in high school, I was really into origami. The Japanese paper folding practice was part of my deep dive into the rabbit hole of the culture, where my appreciation for all things anime and manga led me to become more familiar with things within the culture to educate and better myself. Origami was one of these – a sort of subtle art to folding origami paper into things which were both simplistic and elegant in their presentation.

282/365 – Meditation Games #282 – Deadline Orchestral

Deadlines and trying to rush through to meet one are a thing that everyone’s gone through before, whether that is for school to try to finish some work, for a job where you’re trying to pull through a project over the goal line, or at home to be able to do what you need to in order to ensure that you’ve got your basic necessities, or for planning vacations. They’re a constant specter over you, and definitely have the potential to overwhelm you as they get closer to being done.

281/365 – Meditation Games #281 – Anxiety At 20,000 Feet

Anxiety over flying is not an unusual thing to hear about when it comes to fear. The fact is that for some people, being at an immense altitude off the ground with the prospect of the worst case scenario crashing and burning from that height is a harrowing experience. It doesn’t matter how rare that crashes happen, that technology on planes has made that even less likely, or anything else that is meant to calm concerns about the safety of flying – anxiety knows no bounds at times, and that’s completely understandable when confronted with the circumstances that trigger than anxiety.

280/365 – Meditation Games #280 – Crossword Improv

I put a high value on structure and logic when it comes to some things in my life, which is why unsurprisingly I’m a daily crossworder. With the help of some co-workers, we work through one every day, then go to more if we have time. The idea behind crosswords is nice to me not only because I’m enriching my own vocabulary and my vernacular, but I’m also solving something that has logic and organization behind it, that has clues that connect together to form interesting sets of words. The construction of these crosswords has been almost as intriguing to me as trying to get them solved, because it’s definitely a lot of effort to get them there.

279/365 – Meditation Games #279 – Walkabout Sliders

One of the things that games with a bunch of personalization options like to present to players is the idea of sliders – a way to make tiny, incremental adjustments by moving one of the settings slightly left or right (or, if you prefer, all the way over if needed). Personally, I’ve never been a big user of them – maybe that’s a function of both my thought that I prefer to play as the developer intended in the defaults, or my own relative “meh” feeling about feeling the need to make such miniscule adjustments, but I know people who do, and who appreciate being able to tweak the sliders to what’s desired for an ideal gaming experience.

278/365 – Meditation Games #278 – Guide Dog

There’ve been a few entries in the Meditation Games project that have focused on pets and our relationship with them, but not terribly many that have focused in on the pet as the protagonist. I’ve played games in this project where interactions with the pets were front and center, but we were always the main character as the player. That changed with this entry, which seemed to be a trip through a park or a zoo with the dog as the character you control, serving a critical function for the npc humans that followed them.

277/365 – Meditation Games #277 – Musical Boxes

One thing that I think was part of the reason I got into band in high school and garnered an appreciation for music is that it felt like to me, that with music, you were making an impact, just by something completely auditory. Whether it was eliciting feelings that moved me, motivated me, or made me think, the consequence of hearing music has always, for me been as palpable as reaching out and touching something, affecting it in some way, which is why this game is so interesting to me.