270/365 – Meditation Games #270 – Seeking Meaning Redux

Developer Credits: Brie CodeLinsey RaymaekersKevin MacLeod

Launcher Quote: “Let’s make a wish.”

Interestingly enough, this particular Meditation Games entry is a bit of a remix of an earlier one from the year submitted by the same developers, in which you choose several different icons and you watch them float and become constellations in the sky. It’s a bit of a remix or a redux on the same kind of theme of trying to have choice and seeing it play out, but the message, I think, is slightly different, and good to re-visit.

Some of what I think was trying to be said here was the idea that even in going back to the same place in similar situation and thinking about the same ways of choosing things, that different thoughts and priorities could end up being in your head. I noticed that even though the game operated mostly the same, that there were distinctly different icons and a slightly different way for them to be presented once chosen. It felt a lot like something that was realistic in terms of how later in life we may end up with another set of thoughts and ways of approaching the same decision, and even though we arrive at it in the same sort of way, that it means things can play out slightly differently as a result.

I’ve often returned to the same priority lists, thoughts, and ideas that I thought I was traveling down from earlier in my life, and re-did them in my mind in another way – or have decided to go down entirely different paths when ones seem to dead end. It’s this sort of crossroads that I think we discover multiple times when living out our days as humans, which means that looking at what we have here isn’t really a repeat so much as it is a reminder of the fact that we can be presented with different ways of approaching things, viewing them, and ultimately making a decision on them, which is the point in showing this to us one more time for this project.

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