276/365 – Meditation Games #276 – Platform Progression

One of the things that I think I like the best about the Meditation Games project is how developers use different genres that, while on their surface may seem like just making another enjoyable and interesting game experience, may also be hiding another message or thought. Reading over the launcher quote for this one seemed to prime me for trying to find this sort of deeper meaning in what seemed to be just a normal platformer experience, and having played it, I think I see what sort of message may have been sent by the little blue character you control with the jumping and rolling skill.

275/365 – Meditation Games #275 – Internet Friendsplosion

Some of the launcher quotes from the project, which I try to read in order to get an inkling of what the developer is trying to say, are things that seem more like separate, stream of consciousness thoughts rather than something that delivers a bit of a message. Much of the time it’s a bit confusing, but all of the time it’s intriguing, kind of like a mystery that you’re trying to unravel. That mystery, and the consequences surrounding discovering it, appears to be the point of this Meditation Games entry, and one that is focused on how world-changing meeting a friend you’ve known online for the first time can be.

274/365 – Meditation Games #274 – Bridging The Gap

Part of why I continue to appreciate the various entries I’m seeing in the Meditation Games project is the fact that there’s a lot being done with presentation that appears to be simplistic in nature, whether that is through mechanics or through visuals. This particular entry, one that essentially outlines crossing over a railway bridge, is one of the latter, because of the fact that its simple lines and sketch-like presentation depict a simple and interesting idea of bridging a gap.

273/365 – Meditation Games #273 – Closer Orbits

In life, we make conscious choices in terms of the distance that we keep between ourselves and other, individual people in our lives. There’s a reason for the concept of personal space – aside from the fact that it does refer to the fact that there’s a bit of an invisible area around us, it literally has the word space in it, which, considering today’s piece of artwork, appears to have the inadvertent effect of referring to space as in outer space, and a set of very similar circumstances surrounding the orbits of planets and other such celestial objects.

Just as magnetic pulls can bring two planets or a moon and a planet in closer proximity to one another in terms of their orbit, so too do we sometimes g

271/365 – Meditation Games #271 – Confidence Second Wind

Life changes tend to happen to most people on this little planet we call Earth, and they often come in the form of leaving the old and starting the new, or otherwise making a change that is vastly different than what they are doing now. Oftentimes this is filled with a sense of dread, or a kind of confidence hit that comes from leaving something behind that feels familiar and safe, and setting off into the great unknown of the new and potentially scary.

270/365 – Meditation Games #270 – Seeking Meaning Redux

Interestingly enough, this particular Meditation Games entry is a bit of a remix of an earlier one from the year submitted by the same developers, in which you choose several different icons and you watch them float and become constellations in the sky. It’s a bit of a remix or a redux on the same kind of theme of trying to have choice and seeing it play out, but the message, I think, is slightly different, and good to re-visit.