268/365 – Meditation Games #268 – Written In The Stars

Developer: Bracken Hall

Launcher Quote: “Only the loudest stars can be heard through the noise of the city. And then there’s the moon; crying her big, silvery cry. She demands your attention. A few stars chirp at you, but you don’t listen to them. You can’t. Listening requires a silence and a focus you seldom use with your other senses. You have to shut everything else out. The noise needs to be quieted. Only then can you play with the stars. Only then can you join the dots. Only then can you listen. Listen with everything.”

There are some days when I wonder about the origin of constellations. While I’m aware of the mythology behind them and how people attributed them to the entities that are known even today, there’s one part of my brain that wonders what kind of imagination might have been required to not only see that in the stars, but then draw the patterns that would match them, not knowing if they’d stay in the same place long enough to be relevant. Today’s entry in the series, it seems, allows me to play the part of those original stargazers.

There’s a sort of freeing sense to taking something that has been already interpreted, like constellations in the sky, and be able to start from the beginning, drawing your own patterns from the stars and trying to come up with a way of making them look like things. When you have the freedom to start from ground zero to create something on your own, it has a certain level of charm and appeal. As much as I have no problem with derivative work when the occasion calls for it, the kind of sandbox feel I got from drawing on the screen was one that isn’t easily duplicated.

In the end I think that one of the messages you could get from this particular entry is the fact that humankind tends to try to make sense of the world around it, but taking what doesn’t appear to have any meaning at first and attaching some level of symbolism or interpretation that tends to rationalize or help in their belief systems. Stars, one of our world’s most constant presences, is just a convenience canvas in order to do so, and one which may, given a chance, be painted on again in the form of new or different constellations. Time will tell.

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