264/365 – Meditation Games #264 – Love At First Pet Sight

Developer: Andrea L.

Launcher Quote: “MEET

On September 23, 2015, Kamina came into my life. And he changed it.

This is the beginning of our story.

Please, love your animal friends as much as they love us.”

Pet owners know that one of their fondest memories of their life with their pet is when they’re first meeting them. There’s a sense of curiosity on both owner and pet’s parts, and then a kind of realization that they’re the ones for each other. Since pets are essentially family, this first meeting with their first look at each other is almost like one of those mythical “love at first sight” moments. It’s one of the things that really stands out when it comes to remembering a pet’s importance in one’s life, and one which I was glad to see someone pick up for this entry.

There’s a kind of simplicity to the presentation of the meeting between developer and cat – a simple background, depiction, and action that doesn’t need terribly much to convey the message. There’s of course that whole notion of the pet choosing you, rather than you choosing the pet, which in my experience is definitely at play when it comes to cats. Cats know what they want and who they want, and this kind of mutual ownership is something that I think the developer displays very well when showing off this meeting between feline and human.

Earlier in this project we saw a developer depict the end of a pet’s life and their last days, so seeing the beginning of that journey is, I think, something that kind of completes the circle of showing how important pets are to us. Pet owners may have many different pets throughout life, but that first meeting with every one they have is something that isn’t easily forgotten.

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