262/365 – Meditation Games #262 – Sunrise Reflection

Developer: Nik Sudan

Launcher Quote: “strive for a better future

so that you may enjoy the present

and look back at the past with a smile”

The beginning of a day is probably the best time for reflection, as your mind is just waking up, trying to center and focus itself so that it can be the best that it can be, and as it’s in the morning, is a time where you’d likely be preparing to do what you’re intending to do for the day itself. For this, it’s sometimes helpful to view, see, or imagine a time and place that is just beginning, just as the scene that’s presented in this particular entry does. The feeling that seemed to take hold in me is one of reflection, and one where I was imagining myself sitting on a porch, seeing the picture or scene in this game, and watching the sky light up with the sunrise just beginning to brighten the way to another day.

There didn’t seem to be any way to interact with the scene, at least from the few minutes that I spent trying to play it, and perhaps that’s sort of the intention. When viewing or seeing a scene like this that is supposed to inspire a feeling that allows you to reflect on your past, present and future, a scene like this one is not meant to be edited, acted upon, or really anything besides being seen. Nature is kind of like that in a way, and the juxtaposition of both the natural idea of a sunrise and the quiet-bef0re-the-storm urban setting of a town just beginning to wake are things out of your control. What is in your control are the things that the developer says you should be concerned with – the choice to strive for a better future, in order to be happy with the present, and know that your past is your past. These are the things that you have agency over, and which meditating on with the help of a calming set of imagery can ultimately lead to a better you.

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