253/365 – Meditation Games #253 – Fly-by Childhood Toys

Developer: Jon Coughlin

Launcher Quote: “An afternoon with my son”

There’s a kind of wonder in the toys that you get while you’re growing up. As a kid, you’re impressionable and someone that has a certain sense of wonder about the world around you. This makes getting and playing with toys a kind of exponentially positive experience – it feeds into the curiosity that you’re experiencing and also serves as a way to be entertained and amazed at the possibilities of creativity through play. Sometimes that wonder can come from the simplest of toys, as well.

This entry focuses in on one of the simplest toys out there – a plane attached to a string that can fly around the room – and how much of a wonder it can be to a kid who is just getting to grow up in the world. Flying and being high above in the sky is perhaps one of the best ways to realize that, as flight on its own is a perspective-changing experience that also happens to highlight how far we’ve come as far as being able to travel around the planet. That an advanced piece of machinery and science like an airplane can be capable of the things that it is capable of in terms of travel is one of humanity’s best modern accomplishments, and seeing it crystallized in a toy that hangs and flies around the room allows the kid who owns it to experience that on a simple, yet no less wondrous level.

Some of this curiosity, of course, fades as we get older, as we leave toys behind and as we move on to bigger and more important concerns in our lives. But for some, that time with the toys that our parents enable is a keystone around which can be built things like careers, or outlook on life, or on how we’re entertained. It shouldn’t be underestimated, which is why for those that eventually have children of their own, it’s a means by which to pass on that sense of entertainment, wonder, and significance that lasts longer than the play session that it’s attached to.

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