247/365 – Meditation Games #247 – Back to School

The first day of school had always been, for me, a mix of trepidation and anticipation for me. I was afraid for the new things that I’d have to experience and for the people that I’d have to meet and interact with, but also looking forward to new and interesting experiences that result from those. It’s a bit of a mixed experience that I went through, but today’s entry appears to focus more on the former rather than the latter.

244/365 – Meditation Games #244 – Memory Package

We’ve seen a few Meditation Games entries that have talked a little about the experience of moving or re-locating to other places, and each of them has taken a tack on trying to figure out memories and how those are preserved in the things that you take with you. This one is no different, and adds to that pile of entries that show how you take a lot of your identity with you in the things that you have.

243/365 – Meditation Games #243 – Cave Music

One of the really awesome things about music is the fact that it relies primarily on one sense (hearing), can affect your other senses with its presentation, but is not necessarily needing to do so in order to be discovered, found, or appreciated. Music itself, no matter what genre it’s in, has a sensory power to it that makes it one of the most inspiring experiences to draw upon in life. That’s what makes the presentation of a dark cave with mostly aural cues to be very ingenious to me.

242/365 – Meditation Games #242 – Commuter Connection

As someone who’s been commuting for a significant portion of their life, today’s entry into the Meditation Games collection is something that hits close to me, mostly because of the truth of what the developer puts forth in their launcher quote. The fact of the matter is that you see some of the same things on your commute back and forth, whether it’s the same people, or interesting things that being in a car and having to focus on the road don’t tend to reveal to you.