238/365 – Meditation Games #238 – Emojication

Developer: Justin Time Carter

Launcher Quote: “One day in high school I met this girl who would change my life.
We became friends and I really liked her and I knew she really liked me too.
We used to hangout all the time after school and we enjoyed spending time with each other.
Before I knew it I fell in love with her.
I had a girlfriend at the time though so we never ended up together.
As years passed we kept in touch here and there, but one of us was always in a relationship.
On August 26, 2011 it turned out we were both finally single so I texted her asking her out.
She immediately excitedly called me and we talked for the rest of the afternoon on the phone.
We’ve been together for over 7 years now and I couldn’t imagine life without her.
I love you.”

Non-verbal communication on the Internet has been a thing ever since the first chatrooms came online and people didn’t want to take the time to type out that they were emoting a smile or laugh, or that they just wanted to be able to create some kind of shorthand that would serve as a means to create a bit of an offshoot of normal language, something that would be a bit like a secret handshake of sorts for the internet community at large. It’s one of the things that I’ve always felt is an interesting phenomenon to sort of study as someone who like me who straddled both when the internet did and did not exist.

For me, the idea of emojis, the next evolution of that non-verbal communication, is one that is a bit foreign to me, but that’s not to say that I don’t support their use. It’s probably because I’m getting a little long in the tooth, but I’m not particularly sure how to employ them properly. I’ve probably fallen behind a bit in the use of them when they aren’t representing someone’s face or emotions, so that made today’s little entry a bit of a difficult one for me to assemble. You’re tasked with trying to assemble the romantic emoji conversation in the right order from pieces and parts, and that requires a bit of interpretation that I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out.

But all that being said, emojis, for all the confusion that I express towards them, have expanded the field of non-verbal communication in a lot of ways. It’s another layer of language put on top of an already-existing set of communications that becomes more and more complex, and as much as we might resist it, it’s just another step in the evolution of online communication shorthand that continues to change every day. We’ll probably never really get rid of emojis, and if it seems like we do, that’s only the smokescreen for the next best way to talk in symbols and expressions.

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