241/365 – Meditation Games #241 – Jazzy Meditation

Back when I was in high school and I was a big band geek, being involved in the Jazz band was one of my favorite times of the year. After a bunch of months trying to be strict about adhering to a routine and a specific set of sounds and notes, whether it was from marching band songs with a certain rhythm or a concert piece with a very subtle yet delicate balance in not just playing notes but sounding them out, jazz was the best departure from that, precisely for the fact that it allowed me to stretch my limbs a little, musically.

240/365 – Meditation Games #240 – Cleanup Satisfaction

While I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of “healthy clutter”, so to speak, in my life, I really do feel like when it comes time to tidy things up, there’s a big sense of satisfaction that comes from having done it. It’s always a bit of effort and lot of willpower to get yourself started, but the way that cleaning and organizing can provide a sense of order to your life instead of rampant chaos is one of its biggest benefits.

238/365 – Meditation Games #238 – Emojication

Non-verbal communication on the Internet has been a thing ever since the first chatrooms came online and people didn’t want to take the time to type out that they were emoting a smile or laugh, or that they just wanted to be able to create some kind of shorthand that would serve as a means to create a bit of an offshoot of normal language, something that would be a bit like a secret handshake of sorts for the internet community at large. It’s one of the things that I’ve always felt is an interesting phenomenon to sort of study as someone who like me who straddled both when the internet did and did not exist.

237/365 – Meditation Games #237 – Bitsy Balloon Puzzle

Games where you had to figure out something in order to progress didn’t always get the attention that they deserved. More often than not, they were overshadowed by some of the more generally popular games, orĀ  worse yet, games featuring popular game characters who took from the puzzle game genre. Such it is that puzzle games kind of languished in obscurity with a few notable exceptions (thanks Myst).