230/365 – Meditation Games #230 – Hectic Execution

Developer: Byron Atkinson-Jones

Launcher Quote: “The improbability of discovery

Releasing a new game into the world is fraught with perils, the biggest of which is the improbability of discovery. How do people find your game, how do you get it in front of a large enough audience that enough people buy it to allow you to make a living.

The countdown represents the lifetime of your game on the stores, the gems represent people who will buy your game, seek them out and capture them. Press ‘A’ (or ‘X’) on your controller to activate a discovery phase which highlights the gems – but be careful you only have 5 of them. Just like releasing a game, there are some out there that want to take you down, they will suck away your time if they catch you, you’ll know when they are about to – the world will turn red.”

I’ve always been a person who, when planning for something super important, sees the lead-in to it finally happening as one of the worst, most nerve-wracking times. Everything feels to me like it’s going to fall apart at the seams, the nervousness gets turned up to an 11, and it’s just not a fun time for me mentally or physically. Regardless of how well I’ve prepared or planned, the fact of the matter is that I’m always going to feel the worst about something I’ve planned right before it happens.

So it is that I totally get why the developer constructed a collection game with an element of urgency to it and a way to kind of visually tell the player that they’re approaching a kind of critical mass when it comes to things that aren’t collectible but which can get in the way of a successful launch and achievement of the objective in question. It perfectly captures that sort of nervousness that happens for not just a game launch but anything that is planned out carefully but which is basically “getting real” as it gets closer to becoming a reality. As I had to back off of what was the red-colored stress of the wrong gems to collect and then make sure I picked up the right ones, I was reminded of the building nervousness that can threaten to interfere with something that I’d planned, that I knew was going to go fine, but which was still nerve-wracking to go through.

All that being said, and I suspect this might be the case for the developer as well, I’m the type of person who tends to be able to put aside that nervousness once things are set and moving. Maybe it’s because it’s too late for me to feel any stress, maybe it’s me being determined and finding that courage once things are set in motion, and perhaps it might be me crossing over into the realm of things not being sane any longer, shrugging, and jumping into the deep end. The point is that we all go through these periods of nervousness when on the cusp of doing something cool, and for as much as they threaten to tear us apart, it’s worthwhile to remember that we should have ways of dealing with them, however we can, in order to get to that zen feeling of having executed it successfully.

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