226/365 – Meditation Games #226 – The White Noise Threat

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Timothi Ellim
August 14th

“Find your quiet silence and then you will be born”
NOISE. There is so much noise in daily life.
From the groan of gridlocked city traffic caught in limbo to the constant drone of machines whirring and buzzing in the background.
The worst of the noise though, is the quiet noise, the noise that fills your head with anxiety and doubt.
There is a need to be always in the know, to be caught up to present events, and that need becomes a fear which pushes the mind to overconsume information.
Information overload. NOISE.
And in the midst of this hailstorm of noise, how does one grow into their own when most of the time is spent parsing external information instead of listening to ourselves.
Where is my quiet silence, my placid solitude, that is needed for self-reflection, and ultimately, self-actualization?
Where is my time to be me?
Certainly not in the schedules of the institutionalized educational environments or in the sanitized corporate offices that I’ve worked in.
Work-life balance? What happens when your life’s passion is your work?
3 mins 40secs. That is how long it takes me to get rid of all the NOISE that infests my head, and that is how long this experience lasts.
Can you find your quiet place amongst the noise?”

Distractions abound in today’s every day life, and even moreso with the advent of technology that is more mobile and more feature-heavy than ever before. Whether it’s in the palm of our hand or at work, or at home as we scroll through social media, becoming distracted is one of the biggest detractors from being in your own headspace than anything else. I can tell you that for doing writing for this series of blog posts, I’ve been inundated by things that threaten to unbalance me, whether they are desktop notifications, people trying to get my attention, or the latest and greatest that is happening in real time.

Playing this entry, which challenges you to get rid of the symbolic white noise that represents what I was just talking about, was certainly a bit difficult at times. With no idea where or how to reduce the noise, and a distinct need and ability to have to try to wander or move around to do so, it felt aimless and altogether very jarring to try to get that noise down. But there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, too. The fact of the matter is that it can feel exactly that kind of confusing and jarring to try to reduce the amount of distracting white noise in your life, and at times you can feel like it’s impossible to do so.

I’ve found personal success with dealing with these distractions with strict adherence to systems and a few exercises designed to center myself and remove me from the loudness of the world at large. Productivity systems and meditation exercises bring structure back into your environment, organization, and a sense of consistency to being able to bring your mentality back to a controllable point. They’re not perfect by any means, especially in the face of how innovative  we humans can get at distracting others, but they are worth a try, if for anything else to bring out your own specific distractions and try to exert some level of  agency despite them.

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