230/365 – Meditation Games #230 – Hectic Execution

I’ve always been a person who, when planning for something super important, sees the lead-in to it finally happening as one of the worst, most nerve-wracking times. Everything feels to me like it’s going to fall apart at the seams, the nervousness gets turned up to an 11, and it’s just not a fun time for me mentally or physically. Regardless of how well I’ve prepared or planned, the fact of the matter is that I’m always going to feel the worst about something I’ve planned right before it happens.

227/365 – Meditation Games #227 – Comfort Foodie

On a certain level, I get a bit amused at the term “comfort food”, because while it’s nice to have a fancy term to refer to it, I really feel like it just refers to food that we just like a lot, and tend to go back multiple times for. While the idea of comfort food seems to imply a food that you’re have a certain degree of Nirvana-like familiarity and emotion with, I also think that it’s a lot simpler than that on a variety of levels, mostly surrounding the fact that food that we like makes us more than comfortable – it also makes us content both physically and mentally.

226/365 – Meditation Games #226 – The White Noise Threat

Distractions abound in today’s every day life, and even moreso with the advent of technology that is more mobile and more feature-heavy than ever before. Whether it’s in the palm of our hand or at work, or at home as we scroll through social media, becoming distracted is one of the biggest detractors from being in your own headspace than anything else. I can tell you that for doing writing for this series of blog posts, I’ve been inundated by things that threaten to unbalance me, whether they are desktop notifications, people trying to get my attention, or the latest and greatest that is happening in real time.