219/365 – Meditation Games #219 – Help Quest

Developer Credits: Alex R. Fortes, Santiago Molina

Launcher Quote:¬†“On this day, each year, I used to climb a mountain to join a local party with my grandad. He was my role model, and taught me to always try to be a better person. I learned from him that the actions of an individual make a difference in the life of other people. Helping other people makes us all stronger. I grew up and eventually moved to another country. The first year I missed that climb…was his first time missing it too, as he died a few days before. On this day, each year, my mind goes back to that mountain with him. He made a difference in my life for the better, and I try my best to follow his footsteps.”

We’ve all been exposed to the fetch or help quest mechanic at some point in our gamer careers. The concept is simple – an NPC needs something, perhaps an item or some assistance or even something as simple as an emote, and you get it for them, after which you receive their gratitude and a tangible reward of some sort. It’s an age old mechanic and it’s one of the most reliable and treasured in games that have such quests.

Seeing this symbolized and depicted in a Meditation Games entry seemed like it was inevitable, and here the help quest blends a real life situation with the idea behind why quests help people, as the developer recounts how he and his grandfather traveled up the mountain to join a local party regularly. Along the way, people you talk to are in need of items you have, and you give those items to them, able to progress afterwards and make your way further up towards the top, and the goal of your quest. It was a nice, simple way of showing up in these regular pilgrimages, the developer and their grandfather helped others along the way, talked with them, and bonded with them  as far as sharing things.

This kind of symbolism is perhaps one of the purest forms of expression as far as sending a message of assistance and empathy. There are going to be people in your life who might need your help or assistance, and giving that help and assistance not only enriches them but yourself as well, whether that is through networking, through friendship, or through the simple satisfaction of being able to help someone. It’s somewhat of a rarer commodity in the current, polarizing state of the world as it stands today, but it’s still out there, and games like this are a good reminder that we should participate in it a bit more.

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