217/365 – Meditation Games #217 – Patience Amongst Mystery

Developer: Aidan Grealish

Launcher Quote: “be patient.”

Some of the games in this series are games that don’t have a straightforward or apparent message to them, instead relying on the player to try to figure things out for themselves as far as what might be said. At times, this message or conclusion might be different than what might be the intent of the developer, but in some sense, that might be part of the point, as one of the goals of the project seeks to create game experiences through self-driven interpretation.

This entry in the series is one such example. With a bit of Morse code, there is an attempt at trying to send a message interspersed by what sounds like static or rain with a creature at the bottom of the screen. Because the Morse code appears to be written in a way that didn’t seem like you normally write it, it was a bit difficult for me to translate any of what was on the screen, leaving me to try to figure out for my own what the message being sent as a whole was. The idea of patience in the launcher quote seemed to undercut trying to interpret the message, and that even if it was mysterious or never translated, like it was to me, that it still seemed important to try, even as the static that seemed to reflect my own confusion continued.

At times, I think we may encounter this occurrence where we might not understand something, where it might seem to be some kind of code or interpretation that we struggle with. But even if we do have a problem trying to communicate or understand those trying to communicate, that patience is still a virtue in doing so. We may not understand everything that we are told or given, but it’s still partially our job to be patient with and try to understand it as the core of human interaction and empathy should be.


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