212/365 – Meditation Games #212 – Controlling Your Destiny

Developer: Jake Grizzly Pierce

Launcher Quote: “understanding your own free will is weird?

for me it happened slowly.

as years passed, it gradually washed over me in these punchy waves of self-awareness.

and then in my 20’s I realized that I was drowning in it.

i have complete control of my fashion, my taste, my identity.


on July 31st, as i lived in a tiny apartment in Montreal, i finally felt that i was the only one who could decide who me is.

your choices define you everyday, no matter how big or small.”

In an interesting way, the developer for this Meditation Games entry talks about the idea of choice as if it is something of a realization, something that occurs to them as they begin to mature and as they look to try to explain how they got to where they’re at as far as different areas of their life. The realization, to them, is seen as a revelation of sorts, a kind of epiphany that possesses a sort of wonder about the inevitable onset of adulthood, and all that it entails.

Once again, the project’s mandate to provide simple, 5 minute chunks of game serves the message that the developer is trying to send in a very direct and precise way, with the way that you sort of choose your own adventure your way through a few categories, finally arriving at a compilation of food, fashion, and your own motivations. This is a really nice way of presenting that we are the culmination of our own choices and influences, and that we turn out to be an adult with , in most cases, complete control over what they decide to do and how to go about doing it.

I would, perhaps, only slightly disagree with the developer’s thought that this idea is a bit of a sudden surprise or a realization. It’s certainly something that can happen, but I think that in the context of becoming an adult after cresting your 20’s, you’re prepared on a few levels to know that’s the case already, whether that’s with work, or with college, or with things that you’re now allowed to do as you get past certain age milestones. The idea is that you’re usually pretty much primed to come to the realization of your own independence, and that it’s up to you how those choices mark what make you, you.

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