214/365 – Meditation Games #214 – Idyllic Summer

Summer, for me and for a lot of other people, is filled with memories when it comes to our youth. Not only is it for most of us a time when we’re away from the busyness of school, and the humdrum of everyday life, it’s also got a way of creating memories through time spent in other places besides indoors. Whether it’s with family, or on an annual trip someplace, or even in a place where you work for the summer or otherwise change up the routine with the weather change, summer is a bit of a memorable time in many peoples’ formative years.

213/365 – Meditation Games #213 – Transition Platforming

Life tends to throw obstacles in your way, and everyone goes through this at some point or another. The difficulty of these depends on perhaps the complexity and significance of the event. You have to pass that exam. You have to try to finish your work by a deadline. You have to figure out what you’re having for dinner. These are simple decisions. Others are a little bit more difficult – making choices for a career, deciding on how and when to plan a vacation, trying to find out how to meet that special someone. But yet others, ones which present a variety of cultural, logistical, and personal barriers and obstacles, are so complex as to warrant a presentation that shows them as such.

212/365 – Meditation Games #212 – Controlling Your Destiny

In an interesting way, the developer for this Meditation Games entry talks about the idea of choice as if it is something of a realization, something that occurs to them as they begin to mature and as they look to try to explain how they got to where they’re at as far as different areas of their life. The realization, to them, is seen as a revelation of sorts, a kind of epiphany that possesses a sort of wonder about the inevitable onset of adulthood, and all that it entails.