208/365 – Meditation Games #208 – Pixel Painting

Developer: Moritz Rebbert

Launcher Quote: “21 Jahre

in denen wir uns

Tag um Tag

neu zusammensetzen”

There once was an old school toy called a Lite-Brite, which allowed you to create different things and pieces of art just by plugging colored pegs into a board to make something interesting and  visually appealing. Sure, the complexity was a bit limited, especially for the time and day that it existed, but it was for many kids, including myself, a staple of their childhood in terms of being able to encourage and nurture creativity.

We’ve seen a lot of entries in this project where creativity is talked about or referred to, but not as many that just give you a canvas to just play on, with straightforward things like coloring to change. This entry is just about exactly that, as it shows you, without preamble, something that you can mess around with and create with different coloring to your heart’s content. These are the kinds of exercises, I think, which show off people’s ability to make something interesting that others hadn’t taken into account, as they get presented something and then make it their own by way of the simple tools put in front of them.

In a sense, this is much like how there are sometimes indie games out there that have a creative process that seems so simple in its conception and execution, but end up being some of the most popular games at the time for many gamers. For all the evolution of the games that are out there these days, and how realistic and multi-faceted that they’ve become, sometimes a simple experience where a player gets to own something that they themselves create or modify is a nice little break from those sorts of leapfrogging advancements. Sometimes it’s just satisfying to make something that is unique to you and not to any other player. This entry is a distinct reminder that such a feeling doesn’t always have to have amazing graphics or complex mechanics to do that – sometimes, just pixel painting is enough.

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