203/365 – Meditation Games #203 – Exceeding Limits By Leaps and Bounds

Developer: Danji

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Platformers have always intrigued me on some level because of the fact that the character onscreen is someone who in all likelihood you wouldn’t be able to duplicate in real life as far as what they’re capable of in the game. Unless you’re conditioned and impressive physically (in which case, kudos to you), players wouldn’t really be able to do the ninja flips, wall jumps, and top-down enemy evasion that many platformer characters are able to do. In this sense, they’re all about transcending limits by a simple ability to jump further and farther and higher than you could normally.

This entry, which presents to you a multi-colored track and a running man with no further context besides their ability to leap an immense distance and height, definitely typifies this experience with platformers. With any of these, there’s always a sense of tentative experimentation and learning followed by an understanding and comfort with being able to platform, as you discover you can jump higher and farther. While I was restricted for the most part to the track in the game, it was nevertheless an exciting and visually appealing way of experiencing the character’s limitations, and of course, breaking them.

Even though we’ll never be the superhuman specimens that many platformer characters are, it’s still a bit of inspiration to be able to play the genre and achieve amazing things in it. I’ve seen players who are master platformers do some of the craziest things in an effort to finish a game faster, more efficiently, or in a manner that shows mastery and perfection. Aside from the base idea of characters in platformers breaking limits on their own, it adds another layer and ceiling to bust out of, and it enhances the overall experience. Sure, there’s moments of frustration when you try to platform properly and you can’t – but that just makes mastery of the platformer challenges in these games all the more satisfying when they’re ultimately passed.

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