195/365 – Meditation Games #195 – Aimless Wanderings

Developer: Davey Wreden

Launcher Quote: “…”

Life is sometimes filled with experiences at times of running in place, of trying to get somewhere where you feel like you need to go, but never really getting there, and seeming like you might be doing a bit of aimless wandering in doing so. We all go through these experiences in life, and they can, with not so surprisingly reliability, be annoying to our forward progress.

This particular entry seemed to show this in the form of trying to run through a landscape and move forward, but always being a bit rubber banded. There aren’t very many landmarks, aside from the mountains in the distance and a sign that seems to typify being in that rut, a kind of marker to show us we aren’t getting any further than we can at the moment, and a way to mark, perhaps that we need to do something to get past it. It felt as frustrating as I’m sure it was intended to be, looking to be an implacable obstacle even as it moved me back the way that I’d came.

Despite this, the message being sent I think is that there is a way past being in this kind of a rut, and that involved first realizing that you were in one, a visual testament in the game basically taking care of that, and the second that dogged determination can have an effect after doing so, that each attempt involves a repeated lesson, learning from each failure, and eventually, hopefully, getting out of the repeat journey that is your life. It’s not the most obvious message in the world in terms of presentation, but it’s nevertheless there, a note that is a beacon of hope in a seemingly hopeless attempt in traveling past your means.

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