196/365 – Meditation Games #196 – Rug Contentment

Sometimes it’s the little things, the specific things that give us a sort of relaxation, a contented feeling that, even though it may be short term, is enough for us to forget some of our pains and issues, not have to think about what kind of problems we have to face that are large and looming before us. Part of the reason why people give advice to try to take a mental break once in a while is so that we’re allowed to reset ourselves, focus on something trivial, and hopefully come back stronger, both mentally and physically.

195/365 – Meditation Games #195 – Aimless Wanderings

Life is sometimes filled with experiences at times of running in place, of trying to get somewhere where you feel like you need to go, but never really getting there, and seeming like you might be doing a bit of aimless wandering in doing so. We all go through these experiences in life, and they can, with not so surprisingly reliability, be annoying to our forward progress.