193/365 – Meditation Games #193 – World Traveler

Developer: Qristy Overton

Launcher Quote: “This is it. Time to grab your bag and board the train. Turn your back on the city that failed you. Yesterday is a past life.

Today is liminal space.

Tomorrow is a singularity.

New job, new city, no family, no friends, no place to live, no idea what’s on the other side.

Give me a place to stand and I will move the world. Maybe this will finally be your place.”

Travel has been an ongoing topic in the series lately, and this entry adds to it by providing a simple game wherein the object is to board the train headed for another destination. While the presentation was simple, the message being sent at least from my perspective was much more complex, and there was a lot about it that struck me as part of the message. The action of boarding the train was only one part of how this entry decided to communicate its message

For this game, the best part about this was the symbolism that you could draw from it with its various elements. You’re kicking a “world” ball around and ultimately taking it with you, looking for a place to take it and move it. There’s a bunch to draw from this, from the fact that what you take with you is your world in terms of what you possess, to the idea that your worldview goes with you on this journey, to what the launcher quote mentions in terms of finding a place to settle that world and use it when you’re in a place of stability. Combine that with the yellow doorway of the train and how it widens when you enter it, like a gateway into another phase, another realm, and another opportunity, and you have a nice, multi-faceted message being sent.

While it seems like there’s many layers to this presentation, this isn’t really unusual as far as the mentality that happens to be in place when you are taking your belongings and your world and you are moving elsewhere to try to find a new opportunity. There’s a lot going through your mind mentally as much as there are things to do physically, so to be in that mindset means that you have quite a bit going on already. It’s a nice crystallization of what is very much a significant step in one’s life.


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