194/365 – Meditation Games #194 – Outside Of The Zone

Sometimes it’s the simplest presentations that provide some of the most interesting and impactful messages with this project, which is why this particular entry is impressive to me. It consists only of two shapes, one solid circle you control and an ever-expanding outline circle, and with a simple mechanic of getting out of the outlined circle there’s a message sent about getting out of something that restricts you and expanding your horizons.

193/365 – Meditation Games #193 – World Traveler

Travel has been an ongoing topic in the series lately, and this entry adds to it by providing a simple game wherein the object is to board the train headed for another destination. While the presentation was simple, the message being sent at least from my perspective was much more complex, and there was a lot about it that struck me as part of the message. The action of boarding the train was only one part of how this entry decided to communicate its message