186/365 – Meditation Games #186 – First Steps On Life’s Path

Developer: Johannes Gunnar Porsteinsson

Launcher Quote: “Oour til dottur minnar sem ao kom i heminn 5 Juli 2018.

Foreidrahlutverkio i ielkjaformi, fra byrjun til enda.”

The path to life, from beginning all the way to the end, is often seen and visualized as what is in front of you, a place where you are walking straight ahead of you on a road, making choices that fork your path and put you on the way to your goals, aspirations, and other stops on the long journey, every day, one step at a time. But more uncommon is looking back and seeing the mark that your path leaves on that same journey, to see where you’ve come from.

Knowing that is part of why I appreciate today’s Meditation Games entry, even if it’s dedicated to one special girl – the daughter of the developer, and what steps they began taking. Sure, there are times when we view where we’ve been in the context of the choices that we’ve made, how we got to where we are today on the path of life, but the remnant and impact of that path isn’t really as common. Playing today’s game, where you try to mark out the footprints and take paths into places to provide smiles and a bit of a shadow of a path, is a way of visualizing and looking at that, from birth, onward to the next milestone, and then moving further beyond.

The path of footprints, leading a bit all over the place, and watching and dragging that path trying to find your way around, is much like the experience of life that most of us are used to. Rarely do things turn out exactly as we plan, and while some of us manage to reach out goals, our milestones, our events that we find important, the path getting there is a turning and twisting way that isn’t always as obvious to us. But looking path, seeing those markers, and seeing where they lead, just might help us get to where

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