187/365 – Meditation Games #187 – To-Do Light At The End Of The Tunnel

To-do lists, especially long ones, are sometimes mountains to climb, long and arduous paths to travel, or in the case of this entry in the project, a long tunnel, with a constant obstacles needing to be hurdled in order to proceed along. These are appropriate comparisons, because sometimes, as it is with most busy people, the list can go onward and upward, down and away, out of sight ahead of you with seemingly no end in sight. At times it can seem downright intimidating.

186/365 – Meditation Games #186 – First Steps On Life’s Path

The path to life, from beginning all the way to the end, is often seen and visualized as what is in front of you, a place where you are walking straight ahead of you on a road, making choices that fork your path and put you on the way to your goals, aspirations, and other stops on the long journey, every day, one step at a time. But more uncommon is looking back and seeing the mark that your path leaves on that same journey, to see where you’ve come from.