183/365 – Meditation Games #183 – Time-Honored BBQ Tradition

Developer: Marben E

Launcher Quote: “Nice weather for a barbie.”

Barbeque get-togethers are perhaps one of my favorite things to go to and to experience, for a variety of reasons. They’re (mostly) outdoor gatherings that allow you to get a little sun, a chance to be able to get together with family or friends for a relaxing day of not having to worry about very much, and of course, for the cavalcade of food that ends up being placed on the barbeque or baked or cooked beforehand in the form of desserts and other treats.

This entry definitely is all about the last of those, as you toss hot dogs onto the grill, watch them bounce as they hit the fire, and eventually cook themselves. There’s perhaps a bit of suddenness or indelicacy associated with the mechanics of placing the items on there, and maybe a bit of searing or burning as things get up to a particular heat level, but in many respects that’s pretty accurate as far as some of the potential outcomes of your food are concerned. I’ve seen hot dogs burned, seared, reddened, blackened – you name it, and the rate at which some of the more not-so-desirable hot dog states is of course dependent on the skill of the griller (I should know – I’ve been one of them at times, and I’ve definitely made mistakes).

The point of having a barbeque, I think, is not so much any of the tangible stuff I mentioned but some of the intangibles – the opportunity to take some time to relax and have some food that you wouldn’t normally have every day, the appeal of being able to either get together with a large group of people that you know or have a more intimate setting with close friends, and most of all, just be able to take a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stresses, and the challenges we have to overcome in order to carve out a living for ourselves. However temporary they are, or however small or large they are, a good barbeque is a big part of giving our brains that mental solace that it needs.

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