184/365 – Meditation Games #184 – Gaming Better Together

Over the years I’ve been mostly a solo player. Part of that may be the fact that I prefer games that lend themselves to solo or by yourself experiences – JRPGs being the most blatant example, as traditionally they’re experiences meant for single players. But every so often, in parts of my gaming life, I’ve had the opportunity to play with other people, and in so doing, forge some pretty close friendships with people that persist long after the controllers, keyboards, and mice are put aside.

183/365 – Meditation Games #183 – Time-Honored BBQ Tradition

Barbeque get-togethers are perhaps one of my favorite things to go to and to experience, for a variety of reasons. They’re (mostly) outdoor gatherings that allow you to get a little sun, a chance to be able to get together with family or friends for a relaxing day of not having to worry about very much, and of course, for the cavalcade of food that ends up being placed on the barbeque or baked or cooked beforehand in the form of desserts and other treats.