177/365 – Meditation Games #177 – Home Is Where The Color Is

Developer: Johanna Pirker, Phil Gosch

Launcher Quote: “I am not home

I am home”

There’ve been entries about moving from a home, and unpacking from a home, but nothing in the Meditation Games project about being in a home and making it your own. That ends with this entry, and it takes a look at the process of trying to settle into a home and claiming it as one through a very unique standpoint – that of color and ambience.

In the absence of being able to use very many words to explain or make a point, developers from the project have resorted to all kinds of other means in order to communicate their message. Using colors, and especially the idea of colors as a way of reflecting mood or emotion, is a great way for the developers to really tease out how someone feels when doing certain actions. Red for that feeling of dread and alarm and not being home, blue for a softer, yet perhaps not certain transition, green for that combination of primary colors as well as the feeling that you are able to “go” or “proceed” to changing the message of being home. All of these work with a simple on/off mechanic with the lights in the room that made me feel that transition in color, since I couldn’t really feel it in text.

In many ways though, color is one of the most common ways we do claim something as our own. Homes start out plain and empty, perhaps with a bit of white or grey to them, and eventually have color integrated into them – whether that is with paint for the walls, or that failing, by furniture and color schemes, and possessions that reflect a bit of color in them that identify with a person. Oftentimes that color scheme is far more complex than the ones here, but nevertheless the message gets sent and the feelings change over time in a new and unfamiliar dwelling that eventually becomes home through more than just color.

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