178/365 – Meditation Games #178 – Universal Placement

Sometimes in every day life we get used to the feeling of being the center of the universe, and really, it’s hard not to have that mentality sometimes. After all, with regards to the planet, we’re its most intelligent beings (most of the time) and have the capacity to do and experience so much with regards to life as a whole. In addition to that, we humans have the capacity for critical thinking and reflection – a means by which we not only do but we learn, and that’s something that puts us pretty high on the food chain.

177/365 – Meditation Games #177 – Home Is Where The Color Is

There’ve been entries about moving from a home, and unpacking from a home, but nothing in the Meditation Games project about being in a home and making it your own. That ends with this entry, and it takes a look at the process of trying to settle into a home and claiming it as one through a very unique standpoint – that of color and ambience.