175/365 – Meditation Games #175 – Journey With Darkness

We haven’t had very many entries in this series that pull quotes from poets or poetry in general, so to see one that came from there was refreshing to see. Some quotes left intentionally vague and open to interpretation such as this one are fitting for a games project that relies a lot on the player’s perception and interpretation of the things that they get to play and experience.

174/365 – Meditation Games #174 – New Travel Elements

I’m not someone who travels very often due to the busy schedule that I keep, but when I do travel, I try to make it a point to experience something different, something that is entirely not like the things I experience every day. It could be local cuisine, or a thing that the place that I’m in is known for, or, as in the case with the developer, looking at scenery and a place native to the region that isn’t present back home.