170/365 – Meditation Games #170 – Collision Division

Developer:  Gabriel Koenig

Launcher Quote: “June19

To Play: Use the arrow keys to move.”

One of the interesting things about this project is figuring out what makes the various games go, in a sense. Because for some entries, there haven’t been as obvious of a clue to them, such as within the launcher quote or in the developer’s own thoughts, for some days you’re kind of left to your own devices to see what’s out there and also figure out how it works. Much of the time, the figuring out of things is part of the fun of Meditation Games.

This particular game is no different, and on top of that, had a really interesting and fun mechanic for the simple controls that it had (just the arrow keys). The more that you moved, the more that you were able to go and duplicate what was already on the screen. The more that you collided, the more the satisfying bouncing of the red ball you controlled happened, and the more things appeared on the screen. The circles reminded me a bit of cells, and how cell division takes place, creating more and more of itself until they fill up whereever they’re at.

It’s this simple satisfaction with mechanics, I think, that’s at the heart of most games. You could have the most complex game in the world out there, but if the mechanics are unwieldy and they aren’t satisfactory to the player, they’re just not going to be that enjoyable to play, no matter how deep the player tends to go. The basics of something like “move the arrow keys to collide with things to make more things” has the potential to serve as the rock upon which really fun gameplay is built. Looking at all the games out there that have enjoyed success with very simple goals – Tetris, Candy Crush, and others – you can see how this point is validated in the ways that each simple goal and mechanic is built on to create a fun experience, which is definitely what I had today.

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