166/365 – Meditation Games #166 – Summer’s Inception

Developer: Phatho Pukwana

Launcher Quote: “I remember having the familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

This time of year, at least where I am, is always one of my favorite times. The weather finally stops teasing being warm and actually begins to be warm, that subsequent warmth isn’t terribly and overbearingly hot but is instead comfortable and nice to go out in. Sure, if you’re an adult you no longer get that “school’s out” feeling that you get when you used to get three months off of class out of the year, but ther eare other ways in which the summer holiday gets celebrated as an adult – either with beach trips, or barbeques, or by summer events.

This Meditation Games entry, though like others simple in its presentation of musical tones eliciting more and more opportunities for viewing summer’s growth, is a good representation of the beginning of those changes, and it’s made a little bit more interesting by the fact that with every iteration, it feels like you’re doing and seeing more of summer as you go. It has a bit of an inception feeling, only in reverse, as you advance levels and do more to get to the next. Summer, in a way, is much like that. While Spring has the monopoly on the early beginnings of nature’s turn to being warmer and greener, summer is where those changes erupt into full bloom, so to speak, and where you really feel like those changes are present and here.

Later on, as summer wanes and we begin looking forlornly at our fall jackets and the turning leaves, we may end up regretting not appreciating the beginning of it a bit more, but the important thing is mostly the here and now when it comes to the weather – at least for the places with seasonal changes. Even then, the time of the year and what goes with it is what’s important, and appreciating where we are in relation to another turning of the summer months.

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